Here are a few testimonials from recent happy customers!

  • Not knowing much about the data recovery process, I was lucky to have found Walt and his team to help me recover my data from a failed USB thumb drive. My situation was unique as I didn’t have the bitlocker key to give them up front. Walt spent a great deal of time and effort cracking the code to access my information. He and his team were responsive transparent throughout the process and I couldn’t be happier with the service. B Butler, Senior Vice President | Commercial Loan Officer – PC Bank Lending
  • Walt,
    I would like to personally thank you for the outstanding job you did recovering my data from a broken flash drive. This drive was so old that it is no longer produced. You were able to recover data vital to my business even though the drive was severely damaged. You also kept me up to date on all developments leading up to my data recovery. This outstanding performance and professionalism will keep me a life long customer as well as let anyone I know that need this type of work to go to you. Thank you again for your outstanding performance.
    Tim Cyr
    Owner Harrys Coins & Jewelry

At USB Flash Drive Recovery, we strive hard to keep our customers happy. The previous testimonials are a small sampling of some of our very happy flash drive data recovery customers .In both cases above, the original flash drive controllers completely failed and became very hot when inserted into a computer. In the first case, the data recovery was a two fold process. Once a chip off data recovery was complete, the data recovered was encrypted so this added an extra step and a lot more difficulty to the situation. The customer lost his original “Bitlocker To Go” recovery key. When the original encrypted boot record is corrupt, it presents a very difficult situation in recovering data. In the second case, a chip off data recovery was required but the original NAND raw image was very corrupt with many ECC errors which were not able to be fully corrected until alternate techniques were used to re-read the bad sectors containing the ECC errors.