Seeing a bunch of SanDisk Flash Drives!

Here lately, we have seen a ton of New and Old SanDisk drives. Many of the SanDisk drives we are receiving have broken connectors or connectors completely snapped off. When a SanDisk connector snaps off, most of the time there is damage to both sides of the printed circuit board and it is generally not an easy recovery. Typically SanDisk uses AES or XOR Encryption on their own proprietary NAND flash. These type of flash drives create additional anomalies to deal with when performing flash drive data recovery. Unfortunately, this results in a higher cost to the customer who is in need of a data recovery from a SanDisk USB flash drive. SanDisk is known for consistent and solid printed circuit board construction and are typically manufactured with the best quality components. In general, SanDisk quality is at the top of the industry.