USB Monolith Flash Drive Data Recovery

USB Monolith Flash Drive Data Recovery

USB Flash Drive Monolith Data Recovery – This is the most expensive of all recoveries and we do not have a set price for monolith recoveries. It involves a very tedious process of slowly and carefully removing the exterior coating (thermoset) of the monolith to expose the internal circuitry without damaging it internally. Then the essential points need to be identified and small wires are soldered to these points under a microscope. If the essential solder points can not be identified, an exact working device needs to be used to probe with a spectrum analyzer to determine all necessary essential solder points. At this point, a raw data dump can be obtained and the process of reverse engineering is performed to get the data into a usable form. Many factors contribute to the time spent getting the raw data dump and also the reverse engineering process. Depending on the time involved will determine the final price of this type of recovery. Generally the price range is between 1200 and 1500 USD for these type of recoveries. All micro-SD cards are considered monolith.



Typical USB Monolith Flash Drive


Typical Monolith Flash Drive With Partial Covering Removed