USB Flash Drive Data Recovery

At usbflashrecovery.com, we have the expertise to get your data back. Our specialty is USB flash drive data recovery including data recovery for the following: monolith / monolithic data recovery, SD cards, Micro SD cards, compact flash, all types of pen drives, usb drives, thumb drives and SSD hard drives. We have pioneered many proprietary techniques in cutting edge technologies in the field of usb flash drive data recovery. We have recently expanded our operations to include the new hybrid drives which encompass SSD and conventional hard disk drives into one device.

    • Our main facility is between San Antonio and Austin, Texas; however, we daily perform USB flash data recovery for San Antonio, Austin, Houston and The Dallas Metro-Plex areas as well. We have drop off locations in many cities throughout the United States. Our recent coverage area for servicing clients has expanded to include Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, Europe and many other international flash drive data recovery clients. We also perform many flash drive data recoveries for computer shops all over the world. We never outsource!
    • Give us a call! We always have a friendly voice to answer any questions you may have!
    • Typical 48 hour turn around time and expedited services are offered for quicker turn around!
    • We typically maintain a 98% success rate! Occasionally, we do have a USB flash drive where the original NAND memory chip is destroyed or a monolith drive that we can not identify. These are rare cases and are generally not recoverable by any means.

If you are interested in learning more about USB flash drive data recovery, see our technical FAQ’s or if you just want to read some general information often asked by our customers, read our customer FAQ’s.

  • If we can not get data, you do not pay!
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